A craftsman's skill and a collector's passion goes into all of our work

As a WOSTEP certified watchmaker, Chris can repair almost any timepiece. He understands the mechanics, components, materials, and the aesthetics that go into making a fine watch.  He also has a unique passion and respect for the history of watchmaking as well as the curiosity that keeps him learning about new innovations and designs. Chris uses his skill to diagnose problems and recommend the necessary services. He will also discuss the proper maintenance for your timepiece to ensure its long life.

We also take care of clients' needs in cleaning, sizing and repair for all types of jewelry. We have exclusive arrangements with Sholt Jewelry Designs and are proud to offer the unique style of Ithil Metal Works for personal, and elegant gift ideas and engagement rings. 

Watch Repair

Battery/Cell Replacement
We can change most brands and models. Water Resistant cell changes include a pressure test and back gasket if necessary and a 1 year warranty.
Water Resistant Renewal (WRR)
The Replacement of worn or damaged parts which ensure water resistance. For watches under 30 years old. Watches over 30 years old are by estimate only. Includes a cell if applicable. New crystal gasket, back gasket, crown or crown gasket, pusher gaskets and a wet and dry pressure test. Comes with a one year warranty on water resistance.
Overhaul / Routine Service:
Complete dis-assembly of the watch. Parts are inspected adjusted and replaced as needed. Cleaned in a ultrasonic cleaning machine Reassembled with proper (sometimes brand specific) oils and grease. WRR is required on most services, if not required, it is still strongly encouraged.
Quality Control and Timing process
  • Automatic Watches: 4 days
  • Manual Wind: 3 days
  • Automatic Chronograph: 5 day
  • Manual Wind Chronograph: 4 days
  • Quartz: 1 day
  • Tuning Fork: 2 days.
Cases will be cleaned and checked for wear. Case and bracelet refinish is extra. Some services includes a case and bracelet refinish, this is optional however.
Other optional extra items include dial and hand restoration, repair, replace bezels and crystals. All overhauls Quartz and Mechanical include a 2 year warranty.

Vintage Watch Restoration

We specialize in restoring modern and vintage wrist and pocket watches. When we restore a timepiece, we go beyond the standard maintenance to make the surfaces aesthetically pleasing and to return the timepiece to its original look and finish.


Clocks We repair most models of clocks both new and antique. This includes wall, floor, mantle, cuckoo, 400 day, bracket and atmos clocks. Most overhauls consist of: Dis-assembly Cleaning Adjustments Pivots polished Tighten or replace bearings and bushings Timing We can also do case and glass repair and cleaning.


Jewelry Maintenance and repair. Free inspection and cleaning. Most bench jewelry needs including polishing, sizing, tightening of stones, new crowns and tips, and re-stringing pearls. Repair is by estimate only.